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Explanations for the Weibull Distribution

Naturally, the wind's speed constantly varies. In order to be able to predict a wind turbine's production it is necessary to know exactly how often the wind blows how strongly. Normally, the wind is measured with an anemometer and the mean wind speed is recorded every 10 minutes. This data can be sorted into wind speed classes of 1 m/s each. The energy contained in the wind at a certain site may then be expressed by this frequency distribution

The Weibull distribution is often a good approximation for the wind speed distribution:


A is the Weibull scale parameter in m/s; a measure for the characteristic wind speed of the distribution. A is proportional to the mean wind speed.

k is the Weibull form parameter. It specifies the shape of a Weibull distribution and takes on a value of between 1 and 3. A small value for k signifies very variable winds, while constand winds are characterized by a larger k.